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Our knowledge of glass and joinery products together with our wide experience across a range of applications mades us the ideal people to talk to first.

 Explore our ever widening range of products and solutions.

Double glazing is two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space between them.

CM Glass Ltd stock, supply and install glass for use in high risk areas such as bathrooms, stairs, balustrades, doors and glass furniture.

There are two types of safety glass; laminated and toughened. Grade A Safety Glass complies to New Zealand Safety Standards NZS 4223:Part 3 and AS/NZS 2208.

Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG)is the use of specific silicones to bond glass and metal panels to a structure, via a metal sub frame, without mechanical fixation.

An SSG system can be designed to withstand live loads (wind load, line loads) and in some cases dead loads (weight of panel and imposed loadings). Current systems in use include 4 sided and 2 sided.

Even in the Kitchen glass can be used widely both practically and decoratively.

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